Our Story


We believe beds are a crucial canvas for self-expression. So we craft and curate colorful and bold bed accessories from our dreamy Brooklyn office. From decorative pillows to eye masks, we’ve got you covered. Literally ;) 


In March of 2017, we embarked on a very colorful journey into the world of social impact. We are on a mission to positively impact women transitioning out of homelessness, starting with our #DREAMONIT Collection. For each new product purchased from the Collection, we will match with a donation of decorative bedding to each woman graduating from New York City Rescue Mission's THRIVE Program and into their own home. A housewarming gift that would not be possible without YOU! 


40 winks of sleep may leave you feeling rejuvenated and well-rested, but 41 Winks adds the extra wink ;) You may be thinking, “what’s 40 winks... and wait, what?” And that may be because you’re a Millennial (like us) or a Generation Z-er (hay!!!).  40 Winks is a phrase that essentially means a quick nap. Back when our parents and grandparents were hip, they might have been overheard saying something like, “I’m gonna catch 40 winks and meet up with you after. And how bout that colored TV?!” F Scott Fitzgerald may have been the first to make the phrase popular around 1924, but speed up to present day and we’ve reworked the original phrase just a bit.

If 40 Winks leaves you feeling rejuvenated and well-rested, 41 Winks gives you all that and more ;) The extra wink is our commitment to being a socially impactful brand. We’re a small team of girls based of Brooklyn and <3 our beds as much as we <3 our customers. And as a bunch of Millennials and Gen-zers, we know our generations care about brands giving back to society. Stick with us as we impact homelessness in NYC one product at a time! 

Meet Our Team

Olivia White

Olivia White

CEO & Creative Director

Olivia is a proud Texan turned Brooklynite. She studied International Relations & Spanish at the University of Southern California, and loves traveling, TexMex, her beagle George, and anything she considers a “New York Moment”. But most of all, she loves sleep; her bed has always been her own space to recharge and wind down. So it’s no surprise that Olivia was the inspiration for 41 Winks. Her aunt Catherine founded the company after shopping for dorm room bedding and finding a hotbed of not-so-haute beds. Under Olivia’s direction, the company has expanded to cover the beds of students and young professionals across the country. You’ll find her at their WeWork office, under a 41 Winks neon sign, surrounded by mini disco balls, getting down right creative with her 41 Winks team.

Morgan Hoffman

Morgan Hoffman

Brand & Business Development

Morgan grew up on Long Island, New York, and has almost no accent to show for it. She moved to Pennsylvania for college despite their inferior bagels. After graduating from Lehigh University she ventured into fashion. First the start-up world, then the corporate world, and then ran back to the start-up world. Her interest in fashion and textiles has remained constant, as has her passion to jump to the creative side of the industry. Morgan juggles Branding and Business Development at 41 Winks. She loves content creation and story telling, and collaborating with exciting partners to help 41 Winks grow. You’ll find her at their WeWork office, under a 41 Winks neon sign, surrounded by mini disco balls, getting down right creative with her 41 Winks team.

Olivia White

Sam Picardal

Design & Creative Intern

Sam is a native New Yorker by way of Queens. She graduated from Pratt Institute in 2014 with a degree in architecture and is the artist behind the architectural illustration and photography moniker, 21:AM. She initially began working in the architectural design field and has since branched out to the 41 Winks team to flex her creative and business pursuits. She is an avid mini-golfer, and has an unhealthy obsession with scrapbooking.