Our Story


We craft and curate sleep accessories inspired by our muses who are as bold and expressive asleep as they are awake. 


Self-care and rest are not trendy - they're necessary. Everyone deserves that me-time and a 40 winks power nap just ain't enough. We add #THEEXTRAWINK to make sure you feel EXTRA rested, EXTRA confident, and EXTRA superwoman.


We donate 4.1% of profits from each product purchased from our GIRL POWER Eye Mask Collection to the amazing non-profit, I AM THAT GIRL. I AM THAT GIRL is dedicated to fostering self-love, purpose and a sense of community for young girls. This collection screams girl power from its core ;) 


Olivia White

CEO & Creative Director

Olivia is a proud Texan turned Brooklynite. She studied International Relations and Spanish at the University of Southern California and loves dancing, TexMex, her beagle George, and anything she considers a “New York Moment”. But most of all, she loves sleep; her bed has always been her own space to recharge and get ready to conquer the next day. When she's not sleeping you can find her surrounded by disco balls, listening to Spanish music, getting creative with her 41 Winks team.

Dahlia Dandashi

Director of Brand Communications

Dahlia grew up in the sand dunes of Dubai before making her way to Austin to attend the University of Texas to study journalism and business. After escaping the newsroom, she decided to pursue her passions in more creative endeavors. She has a passion for words, conceptual photography and collaborations. Through her work, she tries to connect her upbringing in the Middle East to the life she lives and loves in the West, as well as empower women creatives and women of color. If she's not chugging down a cold brew, she's eating tacos, storyboarding, re-watching Friends for the 100th time or doing that all at once. You can find her sporting a bright and bold lipstick with a matching suit.

Thanks for making a mask that completely blocks out the light, doesn't move around on my face when I lie down AND enhances my #GIRLPOWER

Jennifer, NJ

"My (41 Winks) eye mask is used every night.
Heaven on my face."

Jenna, TX