Adjustable Fabric Face Masks (3-pack)

Stock up with your favorite face mask styles for different days, events and moods! 

  • Adjustable elastic straps to wrap around both ears
  • Adjustable plastic nose bridge
  • Machine washable; hang to dry
  • Three layers for extra protection with polypropylene filter fabric 

  • Our Pennsylvania manufacturer tested these masks with a respiratory therapist who confirmed they are a great fit. Each is individually sewn with a reinforced top stitch all around - so have no fear, they're repeat-wash safe.

    Check out our two how-to-use video tutorials here & here. Strap come undone?  This video can help you loop it back through!

    Four designs available: eco-friendly lyocell Noche Black, 100% cotton batik Citrus Yellow, Dreamy Blue, & Olive Green, and 100% cotton Bailey.

    ** NOTE: Our face masks are not considered PPE and are not FDA approved. And due to health reasons, this product is final sale.

    The details

    How it's made?

    All masks are designed in Brooklyn and individually sewn in Pennsylvania. We believe extra care and attention to detail go a long way.

    Steps to practicing self-care

    Wearing a mask is far from ideal, but as we've said time and time again, self-care isn’t trendy - it's necessary. So throw on one of these beauties to lower your risk of getting sick while being considerate of others!

    Why it works

    • We gotta reiterate, our face masks are not PPE and are not FDA approved. But with face coverings being a thing now, we're proud to say ours is pretty great. #humblebrag
    • Each mask consists of three layers: one top layer of 100% cotton fabric, one middle layer of polypropylene filter fabric, and one bottom layer of 100% cotton fabric. They're not the lightest in the game, but certainly add more protection while keeping it bright.
    • They also each have adjustable elastic straps to wrap around both ears comfortably, and an adjustable plastic nose bridge to fit as snug on your face as you'd like.

    Reviews + Ratings


    "Fantastic face masks. The best I have purchased. Well worth the wait, thank you so very much!"

    Stacey, OH