i'm sleeping Sleep Mask

Your dreams are blooming

The vibrant green "i'm sleeping" embroidery in our DREAMS IN BLOOM Collection is a wink and a nod to confidently remind the world - you're busy resting.

We wish you foggy-eyed, floral-scented naps forever and ever. And most importantly, we want you to celebrate taking ownership of your power, your voice, AND your rest.

  • Machine wash cold / Hand-wash recommended; Lay flat to dry
  • Soft cotton velvet or 300 thread count cotton sateen
  • Ruched cotton velvet strap
  • High-grade polyester filling for extra plushness
  • A layer of black filling included to block out all of that light!
Bailey Mix
Bubblegum Pink Mix
Dreamy Blue Mix

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The details

How it's made?

All masks are designed in Brooklyn and individually sewn in Pennsylvania. We believe extra care and attention to detail go a long way.

Steps to practicing self-care

First, perform your sleepy-time rituals. Next, tuck yourself in and congratulate yourself for a day well done. Last but not least, slip on your eye mask for an instant knock out.

Why it works

  • An extra layer of batting to make an extra plush pillow for your face. Our masks block even the brightest sun.
  • Each eye mask has a ruched, thick elastic strap that's kind to your hair and stays comfortably on your head.
  • Cotton that feels cool and fresh on your face.

Reviews + Ratings

"I sleep with it all the time and when I travel I HAVE to have it!"


  • Absorbs Light

    Filled with high grade polyester, our eye masks are plush thickness for maximum light absorbency.

    The Cozy Effect

    Eye masks for a deep slumber. Why? Each are made with high quality, breathable cotton, with a comfy headband to ensure it stays on at night.

    Thoughtfully Made

    Dreamed up in Brooklyn and hand sewn in Pennsylvania, our sleep masks are designed by women and made with your sleep in mind.