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You know that yummy feeling you get when you’ve just shaved your legs and you feel them slip against your clean bedsheets? Or when you’ve just taken a good, long shower and you finally fall into bed after a long day? Now imagine having that feeling all over your stark naked body.

“No, I couldn’t, that’s weird.”

“I would feel vulnerable.”

“What if there’s an emergency and I have to leave my house right away and I don’t have time to put on clothes?!”

Yes, these are valid concerns. But what if we told you that sleeping naked has some seriously good health benefits? Check this out:

It helps your skin breathe

Think about how smothered and constricted our bodies are on a daily basis. Whether you’re wrapped up in a stuffy parka on a winter day or shoved sardine-like between other bodies on the subway, our skin is constantly being put under pressure. Skipping out on PJs allows your skin to finally breathe after a long day—literally. Outside of the confines of clothes, your skin cells are freed of trapped moisture and heat (from sweat and too-warm clothes) that make up the perfect living conditions for bacteria—ew!!! And on that note…

It can prevent yeast infections

Our lady parts are to be treated gently. The surrounding soft tissues and the vagina’s super-sensitive pH balance call for some serious (and easy!) self-care. Vaginas need to breathe as much as our skin cells do. Ditching your undies allows your vagina to get a welcome blast of cool and dry air, driving out potentially infectious yeast bacteria that thrive in warm moisture. If you don’t feel comfortable sleeping sans undies, go for pairs made of 100% cotton, one of the most breathable fabrics.

It can relieve stress

When our bodies are overheated, our cortisol gets all messed up. Cortisol is a natural hormone that is linked to stress. When cortisol is under heat stress, we may experience symptoms of physical and mental stress such as greater anxiety, weight gain, increased fat storage, and hypertension. Sleeping naked allows for the body to maintain a cooler temperature which better regulates our cortisol levels.  It’s similar to how taking a cold shower can make you feel more energized and stimulate fat burning. Cooler sleeps are better sleeps.

It’s a great way to start your day

Sleeping naked helps boost your confidence: The more comfortable you become in your own skin, the more comfortable you will become when you’re out and about interacting with others. Instead of snoozing the alarm over and over again, you’ll actually wake up feeling happier, better-rested, and ready to carpe that diem.

So, leave your PJs in your closet and get that extra wink of sleep in your birthday suit. ;)  


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