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Shine bright with a metallic foil when the haters throw shade

Bedtime is me-time, and that means there’s no room for any of that negative energy that sometimes tries to bounce around when the lights go off. Let your inner girl power glow, and this plush eye mask will block out everything else.

      Bailey Cotton Sateen
      Lilac Velvet

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      How it's made?

      Designed by our small team of girl power in Brooklyn. Hand sewn by a woman run studio in Pennsylvania. Made for all fabulous woman-kind.

      Steps to practicing self-care

      First, perform your sleepy-time rituals. Next, tuck yourself in and congratulate yourself for a day well done. Last but not least, slip on your plush eye mask for an instant knock out.

      Why it works

      • 22mm of plush high grade polyester blocks everything: light, haters and more.
      • Smooth 220 thread count cotton is smooth and never too tight, so it's kind to your hair.
      • Sateen keeps your face cool and fresh on your face.
      • An extra layer of batting blocks even the brightest sun.

      Reviews + Ratings

      Heaven on my face

      "My (41 Winks) eye mask is used every night. Heaven on my face."

      Jenna, NJ

      Reviews + Ratings

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      • Absorbs Light

        Filled with high grade polyester, our eye masks are plush thickness for maximum light absorbency.

        The Cozy Effect

        Eye masks for a deep slumber. Why? Each are made with high quality, breathable cotton, with a comfy headband to ensure it stays on at night.

        Thoughtfully Made

        Dreamed up in Brooklyn and hand sewn in Pennsylvania, our sleep masks are designed by women and made with your sleep in mind.