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I am a very organized person, but when I see my room getting disorganized there are simple steps I take that make a big difference. Here are some tidying solutions and suggestions!

1. Stack

Have lots of magazine and booked you haven't gotten around to reading? Stack them or clean them of of a shelf that can serve a new purpose.  Stacks of books and magazines can add a bit of color and pattern to a room if they have cool covers and spines.

2. Sort

Even being an organized person, I find myself keeping a lot of crap.  I have a specific drawer for all the junk and every couple of  months I sort through it.  I get rid of old receipts and notes that are no longer relevant. Guaranteed to declutter.

3. Make Your Bed

Make your bed every morning. You will have a productive start to your day, and it's a great reminder that little things can make a big difference. It's a great habit and it will motivate you to keep the rest of your room tidy.  The best part, you get to come home to a beautifully made bed.

4. Makeover

If all else fails, try changing up your room.  Repaint it, buy new bedding, buy a decorative pillow.  41 Winks has so many options to spice up your room and pull your look together!

Xx Meredith, and the girls of 41 Winks