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You can’t deny the power of true friendship - the kind of relationships that can survive middle school drama, weird prom dresses, broken hearts, college all-nighters, and even long distance moves across the country.  

There are few things that a true friendship can’t survive. Now imagine the strength of your bond thrown into a business setting. It’s kind of brilliant right? You know each other in and out, can problem solve like woah, and basically speak a secret language  - what could go wrong? 

Below are 5 companies who are run by best friends turned co-founders- just like 41 Winks

Jenni Konner + Lena Dunham, Lenny Letter, HBO’s Girls

These A-list best friends are the brilliant minds behind HBO’s critically acclaimed drama Girls and the wildly popular women’s email newsletter Lenny Letter.  When the creative partners worked together while filming the first season of Girls it was pretty much love at first sight- they instantly hit it off. Fast forward years later,  and the two best friends own a production company in LA together. (DREAM job.) But our favorite thing about their friendship is their unequivocal love for one another and their work. Last March. Dunham gushed to NPR, “Jenni and I have a very, very symbiotic working relationship. It’s very hard to know where one of us stops and one of us ends at this point. I’m always at her house. I mean, she’s my family.” #Awwww.

Cologne Schmidt + Cammie Hebert, Show Me Your Mumu

By just glimpsing at Show Me Your Mumu's boho website, you'll feel as if you've been transported to California. Which makes sense- seeing as the two best friends turned co-founders met at UC Berkeley their freshman year. Cammie, a film theory major, and Cologne, a business major, were “set up” by their best friends who knew they’d hit it off. After graduating, the duo moved to NYC to work at Calvin Klein and Elizabeth & James, using their skills to launch Show Me Your Mumu on the side. A short while later, there was such high demand for their products that they moved to California to work full-time for their company. Now, they're headquartered in Venice, California, have more than 40 employees, and are still best friends. Forget Cinderella, this is the ultimate best friend fairytale ending - check out their DREAM life here and here.

Bianca Caampued + Mallory Blair, Small Girls PR

Bianca and Mallory’s story started as many best friendships do: On the dancefloor at a 21st birthday party. That night the NYU and LIM grads immediately became fast friends and knew they wanted to work together in some way. Hoping to take their natural energy and turn it into a venture, the duo decided to launch Small Girls PR in 2010. Now, with more than 40 employees and a portfolio of seriously successful clients (Google! Tiffany! L’Oréal!) the PR company is one of the most notable in NYC. Their story just proves what we always knew: staying out late and being the last ones on the dance floor can only lead to good things ;) 

Lauren Conrad + Hannah Skvarla, The Little Market

Imagine being able to launch any company in the world with your best friend. Would it be retail? Tech? Maybe something creative? When best friends Hannah Skvarla and Lauren Conrad (yes, that LC) had the opportunity to work together they decided to dedicate their efforts to giving back and The Little Market was born. The Little Market gives female artisans in developing countries the opportunity to sell their goods to a larger market. When LC asked Hannah to describe the best thing about working together for InStyle she got real, “Working with you doesn’t feel like work! We always have a good time when we are working on designs for new products, traveling to meet our artisan partners, and working on photo shoots of the beautiful handmade goods.” Fashion, friendship, and philanthropy? Seems like a win-win-win to us.

Corianna + Brianna Dotson, Coco and Breezy Eyewear

Who says your sister can’t be your best friend? For fashionistas turned entrepreneurs, Corianna and Brianna, running an eyewear brand seemed like a natural step. The African-American and Puerto Rican identical twins launched their eyewear company “Coco & Breezy” in 2009 in the US and are well-loved by celebrities such as Serena Williams, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. These sisters turned entrepreneurs aren't just the most fashionable duo on Instagram - they're also part time DJs. Okay, too cool.