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Get a plant.

Small succulents are generally pretty easy to care for- get a planting pot that’s painted your favorite color, get some potting soil, and make it your own. It may seem menial, but being able to watch it grow and to have something to water now and then will give you something to look forward to while you’re drinking your morning coffee.

Find a new favorite (local) coffee shop.

Become a Saturday morning regular. Learn the names of the baristas. Establishing a community with the people who are giving you your $5 caffeine fix will make a difference.

Brighten up your space.

Make your new place your own! Whether you have a spacious studio all to yourself or you’re sharing a space with three roommates, make whatever space you have all yours. Frame pictures, hang artwork, buy a vintage rug, or buy a new bedding set. The expression and essence of you should be all over it.

Treat yourself to a luxury item.

Be it a Bobbi Brown lipstick, a cozy but fierce eye mask, or an expensive foundation that you might usually never splurge on: do it anyway. Having that little something extra will put a little pep in your step as you get ready for work in the mornings.

Find a quiet space.

Whether it’s that little nook by the window in your new apartment, or that big chair on the third floor of the community library that is far, far away from your roommates, find a space where you can go to find peace. Read, write, binge watch that new show you’re obsessed with for a few hours. Just take time to decompress, you boss babe, you ;) 

Take a fitness class.

Yes, I know, this is such a cliché. “New city, new you! Healthier lifestyles! Blah, Blah, Blah.” But seriously: joining a new barre class, cycling class, or learning how to kickbox will challenge you physically, help reduce stress, and push you to set new goals. Not to mention there might be potential new friends sitting on the bikes next to you (or maybe even a hottie working the check in counter. Who knows?).

Start a new tradition.

Taco Tuesday, book club Thursday, trying new smoothie recipes every Wednesday morning- take your pick. If you want to drink a little too much Pinot Grigio while rereading one of the assigned fem lit novels from college every Saturday at 2 pm go for it! Just make it something you’ll look forward to, make it flexible, and make it yours.

Try new entertainment.

Whether you’ve just moved to The Alphabet City, San Francisco, or just a few towns over from Mom and Dad, there are bound to be a plethora of new entertainment options for you to explore. Seminars, food festivals, local concerts, and on and on. Grab your new work friend or cycling buddy and make a night of it.

Call your mom.

Call your grandma. Call that friend that you grew up with that never told anyone about that time you laughed so hard you peed your pants in class. (Such a good friend. ) The point is to make an effort to talk to the people that feel like home to you. It’s important to keep in touch with the people who love us and that remind us who we started out as.

Say “yes” more.

There’s not much I can elaborate on as far as this goes since it is so self-explanatory. Say yes to going bowling with that group of people you met the other weekend even though bowling shoes freak you out. Say yes to the Counting Crows cover band that’s playing even though you might hate Counting Crows. Just say yes. Go experience things with people.


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