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My third semester of college is officially complete! I'm home in New York and finally able to unwind after an insane finals week where I spent WAY too much time apart from my bed.  Coming home to my own room, I was feeling inspired by my new 41 Winks pillow gifted to me by 41 Winks. #Winkbassadorperks ;) It's classy, simple, stylish and has the perfect amount of glamour.  My room was still stuck in high school mode with cheesy decorations. Not to mention it looked like My Little Pony threw up pink all over my bed. SOS. I felt restless with an immature and cluttered look to my room. This redesign should have happened years ago...41 Winks just gave me the push I needed to re-vamp my style.

My 41 Winks Sequin Turquoise Pillow!

I decided to strip my room of all things high school.  The pink shams and comforter were obviously the first to go.  Next, that poster (sorry Katy- I still love you) and the poorly done picture collage.  What was freshman-year-me thinking?! I replaced the poster and pictures with modern blank wall accents and used blue picture frames to fill them.  The blue string lights added a cozy feel to the room and matched the color in my inspiration pillow perfectly.  Lastly, mimicking the distinct shimmer in my 41 Winks pillow, I added a new silver glass lamp and picture frame.

New year, new me ;)

I can't lie, i'm low-key obsessed with this pillow and new bedroom look.  I'm feeling less 2010/awkward stage/braces/pink vibes and much more 2015/sophisticated/41 Winks.  One of my favorite quotes is, " We must change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves, otherwise we harden." -Geothe.  Being that it's right around the New Year, I challenge you to take inspiration from something around you and make a change (big or small) in your life! It does wonders! ;)




Chelsea and the girls of 41 Winks ;)