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Today I would like to take a moment to thank Sleep for being the outstanding experience it is. Yes, we all know that it's kind of necessary for survival, but then again so are vegetables and they don't have me feeling some type of way. So today I'm writing an ode to Sleep, and also asking for forgiveness because I'm sorry I never worshiped you at naptime like I should have.

Rise and Shine!

Thank you for making me feel rested and rejuvenated so that the world doesn't have to deal with me in a cranky, zombie state. It's scary and no one should be subjected to that. Thank you for helping me reset every day. Thanks to you, there's nothing a good night cream can't fix and no crazy night a power snooze can't cure. You give me a fresh page every morning, and I'm sorry I take that for granted. Thank you for being a platform for the social ritual that is sleepovers/slumber parties. I never thought sleeping would help me make friends or be so much fun! Power to the zzz's. Thank you for helping me dream. Sometimes I kind of hate you for it when I'm being chased by rabid dinosaurs or singing the national anthem in front of that really cute boy (now would be a great time to wake up!), but the happy dreams are pretty awesome. Thank you for encouraging snuggling. Can I get an amen for girls nights in? Nothing beats cuddling up to your bestie and watching that terribly cheesy romcom (but like, he's so pretty to look at, who cares about the plot?) before you head out to dreamland. Or hitting the hay with your S.O., because after a long day it's good to know someone has your back (no literally, because I'm always little spoon).

Bed, I promise you I'll never leave

Thank you for introducing me to Bed. You've helped me find my life partner, so I am forever in your debt. Nothing in the world beats climbing in to fresh, cold sheets, then proceeding to lie there basking in the flory until you are cozy and PTFOed. The only thing that comes close is waking up and staying put until bed has given you the moral support to face the world. Finally, thank you for giving me a reason to have the cutest, comfiest pillows and bedding in all the land. I will sleep for almost 230,000 hours in my life, so might as well make my sleep space amazing. Thank you for the softest blankets and squishy pillows and helping me feel like an absolute queen when I crawl into bed every night. Sleep, you da bomb and here at 41 Winks we <3 you. Make every night's sleep the best with any of our 41 Winks bedding collections and pillows! Xx Ryan and the girls of 41 Winks