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Way, way back in March, we realized we needed to make a fast pivot to keep our business afloat and our community supported. Luckily, a shift from eye masks to face masks was a simple one. Our goal was to provide high-quality, safe, comfortable face masks and get them out to you as soon as possible- like, yesterday - so that you could feel more comfortable when stepping outside of your home. 

Our first batch was one size fits all, but we were quickly reminded through our incredible community that, naturally, one size does indeed not fit all. We’re so happy to be able to take our customer feedback to heart and learn from our first try. We’re proud to now offer our fabric face masks in a new adjustable style! 

41 Winks 100% Cotton Fabric Face Masks Adjustable Straps

The adjustable masks come in four bright colors (summer ain’t over yet!), including the 41 Winks signature and beloved Bailey cotton sateen, plus new cotton batiks hand-dyed in Indonesia in three tones: Citrus Yellow, Olive Green and Dreamy Blue. Each mask is individually sewn in Pennsylvania, and has been tested by a respiratory therapist who confirmed they’re a great fit to stay safe in the current health climate.

Our face masks consist of two layers of 100% cotton fabric with a middle layer in between made of polypropylene filter fabric. We always wanna keep it real - our face masks aren’t the lightest in the game. But they do add more protection to keep you healthy and feeling safe!

We’ve had an incredible response to our quick shift from focusing on sleep accessories to face masks, and are so thrilled to be able to keep everyone protected during these wild times. We’ve always said, self-care, rest and sleep aren’t trendy - they’re necessary. And we couldn’t believe it more today than ever. To clarify any lingering questions about our masks and mask-wearing in general, check out some FAQs below, or via our inclusion in NBC News here: 

Why Is wearing a mask important?

Wearing face masks has been proven to reduce the spread of germs and rate of infection. N95 face masks are certainly the best, but any mask is better than no mask - and not to toot our own horn (yet again), but with a three-layer mask including one layer of filter, ours are in the running! 

However, a mask will not prevent you from breathing in respiratory droplets which carry a virus, like COVID-19. As you now likely know, some people with the virus have mild to no symptoms, and may be spreading the virus without knowing it. So, the CDC recommends wearing a cloth face mask in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. It is critical to emphasize, though, that 6-feet social distancing still remains extremely important!

How do I keep my mask clean?

Just hand or machine wash with soap and water, and hang dry. Washing them after use is definitely important in avoiding contamination! And guess what - our face masks are repeat wash safe so they’ll last you through the months!

When is it safe to take my mask off?

Keep your mask on until you have finished your trip, errand or work shift (if you’re not living that WFH life). You can remove it outside once you’re away from others, or in your car. 

How many face masks do I need?

We think it’s a good idea to have at least two, but a friend of ours threw out the idea of having a face mask drawer, just as we have sock drawers and underwear drawers, and we’re into it. This way, you will have a fresh mask if one is in the laundry, and different colors and styles for your different outfits and occasions! You just gotta think about your own lifestyle-- and focus on keeping yourself (and your skin) protected with a clean, fresh mask.

Wearing a face mask is a collective effort as we do our best to stop the spread. It might be a small inconvenience, but it's the best course of action to collectively work in limiting the spread of the virus. Cheers to wearing a mask, and trying to make it fun!

Be well, beauties xx

- Guest Blogger, Pamela Delgado