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CONGRATS again on the upcoming (or recently happened) big graduation. We're still so proud of you ;)

Now let's get to summer-ing!


There's something about summer that just feels better. It might be the sun-kissed skin, rooftop parties, naps on the beach and long days. Uh yup, that's definitely it. We're anxious for all of that to start and want you to join, so here's our guide to doing summertime right: Sunkissed Skin // Yes, life is good with a lil' tan. Lately however, we've been reminded of the constant battle between our bronzed skin and inevitable wrinkles. It's a reality your dermatologist (and mom) will get real about. They'll check your beauty marks and you'll start thinking, "why are those even called beauty marks?" By this point you're probably ready to get a bomb sunblock that lets you get some color with piece of mind. Check this one. It's technically for babies, but who doesn't want that smooth as a baby's bottom feel? Rooftop Parties // If you don't have any friends with apartment rooftops, start looking for them. Jk jk... kind of. But you can still enjoy some super cool space around NYC and beyond. Head over to the rooftop above Salvation Taco or Gallow Green, a place where we're convinced magical fairies live.


//GALLOW GREEN // image via TimeOut

Beach Naps // We taking napping (sleeping, resting, etc.) very seriously at 41 Winks. When we're not dosing off in our fabulous metallic linen bedding, you can bet we're doing just that on a sandy beach with the crashing waves as our theme song. Check out these awesome towels from The Beach People. We've been waiting for innovation in the towel field and here it is! There's room for two so it's perfect for the sleeper who moves around a bit. Plus, they're just really cool towels. 

THE BEACH PEOPLE TOWELS // image via Style Mecca

Long Days // YAAAS. We love when the sun sets late - it's somehow easier to really use your days to the fullest. This summer in NYC you can definitely find us...

1.) ... going to Shakespeare in the Park. And the Summer Concert Series. Slash we'll be going to most things in the park for that matter.

2.) ... stopping by the Mermaid Parade. News to anyone else? Apparently the Mermaid Parade pays homage to the early 20th century Coney Island Mardi Gras parade. Basically, everyone dresses up as their interpretation of a mermaid.. and we're down.

MERMAID PARADE // image via Yana Paskova & Getty Images

3.) ... eating lunch on the MET steps. So Gossip Girl, so NYC.


4.) ... participating in NYC trapeze school. The time has finally come to follow in Carrie's footsteps. 


This spring already feels a bit like summer, so again let's get to summer-ing!

Xxo the ladies of 41 Winks