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  1. Okay beauty, tell us about yourself!  

Hi! I'm Aysha, a freelance Graphic Designer, working alongside Rawly Bold for the past 3 years now. I was born in Puerto Rico, raised in Southern California and now living and currently in love with New York City. Well, Brooklyn to be exact. For a while I had no idea what I wanted to do until I realized how much fun I had redoing peoples MySpace pages. Yup, that’s how my graphic design life started. 

Aysha Delgado 41 Winks Sleep Mask NYC
  1. As you know, we’re all about sleep - so we want the 411 on your relationship with sleep. What is your nighttime routine? What helps you relax to ensure you wake up feeling well-rested?

First things first, I HAVE to set the mood *cues Transform by Daniel Ceasar* Then I get into a light and quick yoga practice. My body instantly feels the difference in the morning. I have a bad back and if I did not stretch the night before I’ll be paying for it in the morning. Next, I wash and moisturize my skin. It's super super important for me to give my skin some attention - Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize!! I typically end the night with a good book.. I just re-read my favorite tear jerker 'In Five Years'. 😪

  1. These days are unique, to say the least, so we’re all finding new ways of living. What is your favorite way to self-care?

Lately, my favorite thing to do has been to throw on a face mask and binge watch old television series. Right now it's Girlfriends....thank you Netflix!! 🙌

  1. Which 41 Winks eye mask do you have and why do you love it (or at least, we hope you do!)? 

I have the BLOCK OUT THE HATERS sleep mask and I love it so much! I personally think the phrase is real, funny and straight to the point, hahaha. It's also legitimately the softest eye mask I own. I never sleep without it!

  1. Can you share a time you were so exhausted and all you wanted to do was sleep? How did you feel afterwards?

I was BEYOND exhausted recently and it was all due to an intense couple of weeks of work...I was having long nights and early mornings which eventually caught up to me. One day my body just said, “I need rest. I can’t do this anymore.” That day I went to bed at 7pm. I don't remember a time I have ever fallen asleep that early. The next day I felt brand new! Rest and sleep is crucial for survival. You will truly be at your best if you’re well and rested. 

  1. Have sleep and rest been instrumental for you during this pandemic? 

Sleep has been extremely instrumental!! Not only does it benefit my body’s health, but also my mental health. Since the pandemic I make sure to take a quick nap every day. 2020 has just been THE MOST and sleep is my way to disconnect since we can’t travel much. With everything going on, my naps really help quiet my mind and shut out the overthinking. This year has been one hell of a roller coaster...

Alright, now for some fun: 

  1. Which side of the bed do you prefer - left or right? 

Middle, hehe. But if I'm sharing the bed, it's the left side for me! 

  1. Do you prefer to sleep in a PJ set, or are you a shorts and tee kinda gal?

Oh definitely a soft and cozy PJ set!

  1. Your favorite song to listen to before bed?

“As Above So Below” by Anthony David

  1. Power naps in bed or on the couch? 

Couch of course! Anytime a nap is taken in bed, ten times out of ten I won't be getting up 20 mins later, haha.


Written by Guest Blogger, Pamela Delgado