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Nighttime Routine Q+A with Samanta Moise, Founder of La Parea Wellness
  1. Okay beauty, walk us through your nighttime routine.

I always light a candle, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. This helps me set the mood for my night routine. I wash my face and put my night cream/ oil on and massage my face with my guasha stone to help the muscles on my face relax. I say a couple of affirmations. Then depending on the day, I put some La Parea Wellness essential oil on my mask ( on the outside area, away from my eyelids) or I use one of my La Parea Wellness aromatherapy mists in my face and then I put my 41 Winks eye mask on and I'm out! If I am not too tired and need deeper relaxation, I play guided meditation or sound healing until I fall asleep. 

41 Winks Samanta Moise Nighttime Routine

  1. How do you incorporate sleep in your daily life and what benefits do you see from it? 

When I don’t have a good night's sleep, it almost guarantees a migraine. It affects my mood for the rest of the day. If for whatever reason I can sleep well, my toddler sometimes wakes up really early, so I try to take a nap during the day when possible. If I do, I use my OUT OF OFFICE eye mask to block out that daylight. 

I have insomnia and setting a night routine has helped fall asleep a little easier. Also, I noticed the more sleep I get, the more productive I become and the less I snore! 

  1. What are some of your favorite nighttime products that prep you for bed? 

As you know, I am my favorite customer haha! I use my personally made skincare products, like our La Parea Wellness aromatherapy mist (Zen or Somnia) and spray it on myself and my sleep mask from 41 Winks.

  1. Is there a time when you lacked sleep and rest? How did that make you feel? 

To be honest, falling asleep in the recent pandemic months has been really hard. I do my routine but I find myself fighting to fall asleep or waking up in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, it makes me less productive the following day. In days that I feel uneasy or anxious prior to bed, I try to journal or read one of Louise Hay's books - she is my affirmation whisperer haha. 

  1. As the 41 Winks saying goes, self-care is not trendy, it's necessary. So what is your favorite way to practice self-care? 

Pretty much anything that can bring me joy at that moment. I have a strong connection with water so bath time is a body and mental cleanser for me. I use bath salts, tea (my favorites being chamomile and guayusa), and some essential oils. I take this time to be thankful and hit reset on my mind. 

  1. We’ve had a lot of mommas and mommas-to-be use our eye masks at the hospital or in the early days at home with a newborn to catch some extra winks. Any advice to moms in business on ways they can incorporate more sleep in their life?

Running a business as a mother can be challenging, but being a momtrepreneur in a pandemic has been downright scary and overwhelming. My advice to these wonderful women is to make your voice heard. Ask for help whenever you need it. Take a walk, a drive, go to a park, have some alone time and acknowledge your feelings, mourn the death of your previous life so we can try to move on (and try not to use this time to work).  For sleep, putting those thoughts in a journal (it can be a poem, a drawing, just a bunch of letters) clears your mind. Tapping is another good exercise to help relieve some of the stress. Overall, just remember you are not alone - there is another mother feeling the same way. I’m sending all moms in business some good vibrations. I hope the good vibes can make moms feel a little better, and hope they realize how we appreciate them making our world a better place! 

  1. Okay time for a shameless plug, but we gotta know! What do you like about your 41 Winks eye mask?

It feels like a good night kiss from my grandma! The mask is so soft against my eyelids and it has a breathable material so my face doesn’t get itchy. Plus when I wear it, people know I mean business. They know ( least the adults) not to mess with me - I am out of the office, okay?! I find 41 Winks to be very therapeutic. A must-have for your nighttime routine! 

Happy sleeping, beauties xx

Written by Guest Blogger, Pamela Delgado