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2022 is just 2020, too - right? According to my Instagram feed, at least. And in many ways, it's sadly not wrong. The virus is still among us, supply chain issues have yet to cease, and travel remains messy. But! In many other ways, we've grown. It is indeed a new year, which means it's a celebratory time to focus on what we can and want to control. For me (surprise, surprise) that'll be my sleep. 

41 Winks founder wearing the Disco Nap Sleep Mask and Eberjey PJs

Since 2021 (aka last year aka ages ago) I've committed to joining in on the dry January movement. It started off as a personal challenge - am I powerful enough to turn down that oh-so-lovely glass of wine with friends? Turns out yes! And after how energized and overall good I felt last February, I decided to start this year off the same way again. It opened up a lot of space, time and energy for working on things that bring me joy. 

Unexpectedly, and somewhat unintentionally, I gave up coffee this month as well. I can't speak to specifics, but I'm sure not consuming alcohol or having endless cups of caffeine to the face in the morning has certainly helped me get a more restful night's sleep.

Though overall I’m grateful to say I’m a pretty good sleeper. My problem has always been procrastinating on my sleep - I know I really need nine hours of it, but I'll endlessly put it off. Some big heroes these days have been the investments I've made to my sleep environment. Of course not everything can be solved by spending money on frivolous things (although my best friend Alekza and I argue this differently in our darkest moments), but I believe investing in your health shouldn't be tied to guilt. So, I wanted to share a few favorites that are bringing me joy these days. As we all continue to trudge through this pandemic, consider treating yourself to some much deserved deliciously dreamy sleep! 

Hatch Restore

Worth every penny! Okay I've only had it a few weeks so I suppose time will tell. But when I find myself waking up without realizing I'm waking up (engulfed in a delightful, rosy light and pleasant sounds of birds chirping, mind you), I start the day feeling as idealistic and dreamy as Cinderella. 

41 Winks Nap Queen Sleep Mask

Sure, I'm biased... but how fun to be obsessed with my own product! It’s been a life-saver when I get sick, and is always helping me fall asleep when my body is craving rest but my mind avoids it. She's soft and plush and blocks out all the light, creating a cozy environment to fall into a deep slumber. 

Canopy Humidifier 

Initially my fiancé and I wanted one of these because we often wake up feeling stuffy or dry. The air just didn't feel consistent or pleasant in our bedroom. But after discovering humidifiers are also great for your skin, it was a done deal. We invested in Canopy admittedly for looks, but turns out the design is also thoughtfully tackling the issues that standard humidifiers create! 

Eberjey PJs 

Y'all. They're so soft. And I love how they fit. I'm the psychopath that wears long sleeves, pants, and socks under a duvet cover and weighted blanket even in the summertime, so the Gisele Long PJ Set in black has been my go-to. I couldn't recommend them enough! 

I'd now love to know your top sleep treats! Comment here or send me a DM at @ohleeeevia and I'll continue to feature them. We all deserve to be on the journey to great sleep this 2022. 

Happy sleeping, beauties. 

Founder, 41 Winks