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You've seen us on the 41 Winks Instagram feed. You might have stalked us on your own time (don't lie). But finally, the interview you've all been waiting for. Get to know us, the girls of 41 Winks - Morgan, Olivia, Ryan and Kat.

We'll help you put a face to those names... Here are our best Instagram photos ; )



OLIVIA (& George!)

RYAN ; )


Let's jump right into it with some ice-breaker questions for everyone. I think it's safe to say, we think we're a fashionable group, AND we work in fashion bedding, but didn't always have this style thing down. Let's talk for a moment about our worst fashion decisions ever. 

Morgan: I remember it like it was yesterday. 8th grade. I rolled my heal on the way to the bus in my Mary Jane heels, pink fishnet stockings and a white "wife-beater" (for lack of a better word). My sister, 5 years my senior, approved the outfit. I just remembered, I'm still mad at her for that haha Olivia: Hmm...  Morgan: I'll chime in here. Olivia was voted best dressed in 8th grade...cue her blushing.  Ryan: Double popped collar, and throwing a little icing on top with my Tiffany's chain necklace.  Kat: Gaucho pants haha though I'm thinking about buying some again... strictly for around the house. 

That was entertaining. Hopefully this question will yield equally as great responses. Worst AIM screen names?

Morgan: I only had one and I still love it. Mogiie303. Had a thing for 3's, and my nickname was Mogie.  Olivia: My one and only. Liv1018. To this day, all of my high school guy friends call me that. Not to mention, no one ever forgets my bday (as they shouldn't...) Ryan: Ponyprincess62. I used to ride horses. I'm not ashamed!  Kat: Sweettartx333. I loved sweets then, and I love sweets now. 

Favorite NYC restaurants? 

Morgan: Dirt Candy. Followed by The Butcher's Daughter and The Egg Shop, which is conveniently located across the street. Olivia: Santina! Even though its cuisine is technically Mediterranean, it has a very Miami/Cuban vibe, which I love. Their Avocado Trapanese is heaven - I could easily eat it all day errday. And the walls are all windows, so it has a really fun, open outdoor feel! Ryan: My favorite restaurant is Frank because they have the most amazing Italian food, and my family nickname is Frank. I could eat their entire menu then come back the next day and do it again! Amazing cheese. I love cheese. My favorite's Gouda. Jk. I'd go with the Burrata from Frank. Kat: Salvation Taco and Beauty and Essex. I can't decide... definitely go to both!

Okay, enough about food for a moment. Let's talk the new Fall 2015 line. What are the favorites? 

Morgan: Paprika. It's got that boho/modern vibe. I don't know if that was a thing before this duvet came out... Olivia: Honestly... I LOVE THEM ALL. To choose just one favorite would feel like I'm saying I love one of my children more than the others.  Ryan: I like Ink the best because blue is my favorite color and the print is very peaceful to me. It reminds me of painting or the ocean, which are both relaxing, and duh a bed should be too.  Kat: Bailey. It makes me want to get in bed every time I see it. Kind of dangerous, but wonderful at the same time. 

This team is full of girl power. Any female role models you want to give a shout out to? 

Morgan: Several, several! But I'll just shout out one for now. My lovely sister, Ryann. She's a huge proponent of doing what you love, in all aspects of life. Wouldn't be half the human I am without her. Also mad love to my mom. I could go on and on!  Olivia: Eeeep so many! Every female in my fam. My female friends. A few female teachers and professors. And lots of female celebrities.  Ryan: My female role model would probably be Natalie Portman. She's beautiful, talented, brilliant and she is inspiringly committed to things she is passionate about, whether it is a role or a special cause.  Kat: Emma Watson. She is so well accomplished, driven, and isn't caught up in her fame. Total girl crush. Plus, I mean, Hermione. 

Next concert you're going to? 

Morgan: Mad Decent Block Party with Liv!! Olivia: Mad Decent Block Party with Morgs!!  Kat: Nicki Minaj in Central Park. H yeah. Ryan: One Direction... I'm not ashamed! 

Celebrity Crush?

Morgan: Miles Teller.  Olivia: Chris Pratt and David Bechkam. Oh hello. Ryan: Kit Harington from GOT. Love me some John Snow. Brrrr Kat: Josh Duhamel and Ryan Reynolds <333


Xx the girls of 41 Winks