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We're kicking off this Sleep Awareness Week 2022 with a new series called How'd You Sleep where we interview creators on their sleep and wellness! First up, the fabulous Georgina Edionseri of @hernameisgeorgie -
Beauty content creator Georgina Edionseri looking fabulous as our first 41 Winks How'd You Sleep feature
Georgina! Hello, beauty! Tell us a bit about yourself and how big a role your wellness practice plays in your day-to-day? 

I am a beauty content creator but my day job is in the Brokerage/Finance industry. My corporate role is pretty demanding so I force myself to maintain a wellness ritual, in particular a morning and evening skincare routine. Centering myself in the morning and literally washing off the day in the evening, I found helps me manage my stress much better.

It's been a crazy few years, to say the least. We're curious to know how the quality of your sleep has changed over the last few years, and what morning and/or nighttime routines do you have in place right now? What advice would you give to someone who’s looking to adopt a sleep routine? 

Since the pandemic I had to really reflect on my sleep habits and overhaul my sleep routine. Before I would get too little sleep or sleep way too much. And either way it wasn't good quality. Since then I found a good balance and sleep pretty soundly every night even during the work week. Some positive changes I made were setting a sleep and wake time schedule and not putting a TV in my bedroom. When my bedtime is coming up, I start my "wind down" routine which includes my skincare routine and getting off my phone. Then in the morning, I start the day with my skincare routine again. These rituals help me stay alert all day so I can have good quality sleep in the evening.

To anyone looking to revamp their sleep routine, I recommend first identifying what your goals are...other than just better sleep. In my case, some of my goals were that I wanted to feel more productive during the day. I didn't want to wake up tired or groggy. Getting to this will take some real self reflection and analyzing your current routine's pitfalls.
It's a big week for us dreamers! So, fill in the blank: “This Sleep Awareness Week I am promising/giving/treating myself…"

This Sleep Awareness Week I am giving myself grace as I continue to learn and navigate my wellness journey. 
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41 Winks features Georgina Edionseri to hear about her sleep and wellness in celebration of Sleep Awareness Week 2022