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My name is Meredith Kress and I am from Westwood, MA.  I have two brothers, one of which is my twin! This past year I ran my first marathon and call me crazy, but I plan to run another in the future.
I go to Miami University of Ohio and am studying Interactive Media Studies with minor in Graphic Design.  I am a very crafty person who is always looking to put a creative spin on things. Sewing and knitting is usually put on the back back burner while at school, but my background has given me a true appreciation for how well 41 Winks products are made. As a junior I have the freedom to move into an off-campus house and the opportunity to really personalize my space. 41 Winks helped me put the finishing touches on my room. All that's missing are some decorative pillows and a throw for our living room!
Here are my top 3 favorite 41 Wink's bedroom accessories!
For elephant lovers everywhere!
This pillow has been on my radar for a while.  The elephants are too cute and would go well in my navy and white college room or even as a accent pillow on the leather couch in our living room.
A pop of color to brighten up any room
I am a sucker for pattern.  This long and skinny pillow is a great decorative touch for a bed full of fluffy pillows. I love the size of this pillow because it would also fit on a desk or accent chair in my room!
As cold the cold weather is kicking in, cozy blankets are essential. Every year when winter rolls around, I look forward to the week of winter when I can put my winter blanket layer on my bed! The Tuscany Blanket in Raspberry is great for a pop of color during dreary, cold winter days.
Meredith and the girls of 41 Winks