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Our 41 FEMALES Campaign is all about showcasing smart, admirable, incredible and down to earth women, who like YOU, are part of the 41 Winks community. We’re proud to ooze girl power as a women-led small business and cherish the opportunity to share our values as individuals and as a company with you. When we thought about a campaign that would really make us excited to share, it kept coming back to the same thought - we want to showcase YOU! There are so many badass women in our 41 Winks community. The SHE-E-O's, the artists, the bloggers, the creators - they inspire us and we know they'll inspire you too. These DREAM GIRLS are all super cool chicks makin' moves in the world. 

We do our best to keep 41 Winks feeling as human to you as it does to us. We took some of the words we live by at 41 Winks and had our growing girl gang interpret them. Get the inside scoop below on these ladies’ careers and words of wisdom. 

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1 // KELLY ✨ @ruesaintpaul

Founder of Rue Saint Paul

WHAT DOES OUT OF OFFICE MEAN TO YOU? "It reminds me of the importance of maintaining balance in my life and the need to fight for it. The to-do list never gets shorter and there's never a good time to unplug. However, taking time away to recharge mentally, physically and emotionally makes us better leaders and it should be at the top of our lists." 

41 Winks 41 FEMALES Rue Saint Paul Founder Kelly Wang

2 // CASSANDRA ✨ @goinmeditations

Meditation and Yoga Nidra Leader

WHAT DOES BLOCK OUT THE HATERS MEAN TO YOU? "It means sorting through, and blocking out, the old cultural narratives that rest means "we're weak." That way, I can claim the importance of taking time each day to rest and recharge. I feel like the quality of my rest is the quality of my life, and I want a high quality life so I get high quality rest! It also holds another layer of meaning to me; blocking out the limiting beliefs I have about myself and what I’m capable of. It’s a great reminder to keep expanding my sense of self, to follow my dreams and not let myself, or others hold me back."

Cassandra Disco Nap Meditation

3 // HANNAH, ALEX AND TRACY ✨ @shes.not.sorry

She's Not Sorry community, founded by Hannah @hannahehoskins Alex @alexhagney and Tracy @trivas1

WHAT DOES GIRL POWER MEAN TO YOU? "For us, we think community, confidence and innovation. As women we bring a different viewpoint and approach to society and within every group of women, we each bring our own dose of Girl Power. Together we are stronger, more creative, and empowered to use this momentum to create meaningful change. The word Girl Power is your ultimate cheerleader and mentor! Spread it!" 

She's Not Sorry Girl Power 41 Winks 41 Females

4 // YARI ✨ @theyariblanco

Founder & EIC @theGIRLMOB and Sr. Manager, Culture & Diversity @the.WING 

WHAT DOES DISCO NAP MEAN TO YOU? "It means taking a moment to re-energize my body/mind so I could get up and continue to kill my day... adding sparkle to everything I touch!" 

Yari Blanco The Girl Mob and The Wing as 41 Winks 41 FEMALES 

5 // CAITLIN ✨ @caitlin.kinnunen 

Lead Actress, Emma, in Broadway's new The Prom! @theprommusical

WHAT DOES BLOCK OUT THE HATERS MEAN TO YOU? "Be yourself!!! Don't be afraid to be your own weird being. It doesn't matter what other people think as long as you're being true to yourself!" 

Caitlin Kinnunen 41 Winks 41 Females Emma in The Prom Musical on Broadway

6 // KELSEY ✨ @sheinthemaking

Creative Director @ciaocollective, Dallas Queen Bee @bumble and blogger of She, in the Making

WHAT DOES BLOCK OUT THE HATERS MEAN TO YOU? "Blocking out the haters to me means taking a moment to relish in the truth about myself -- that God has made me talented, capable, and incredible -- and know that what's within me will always be more powerful than what comes against me." 

She In the Making 41 Winks 41 FEMALES

7 // PAM ✨ @heypamd

Founder of Rawly Bold, @rawlybold

WHAT DOES GIRL POWER MEAN TO YOU? "The natural purpose of the woman in itself is powerful. Since becoming a mom I have a new found respect for women. We can really do it all! It's amazing how our bodies change and adjust. GIRL POWER to me means to recognize our strengths and remain strong no matter what challenges we face because history shows we will and can get through it."

Pam Rawly Bold 41 Winks 41 Females

8 // SABI ✨ @sabidatoolalji 

Creative Consultant & Fashion/Lifestyle Writer

WHAT DOES PILLOWTALK MEAN TO YOU? "Pillowtalk resonates with me simply because of my nightly rituals. I try and cultivate healthy habits before going to bed, and one of them is to take stock of the day and prepare for a better tomorrow. Whether I journal these thoughts down, meditate on them, or simply close my eyes, it's important to me to have some "pillowtalk" with myself. It's definitely part of my self-care routine."

Sabi Datoo-Lalji 41 Winks 41 Females

9 // HANNAH ✨ @hnnhphng

Marketing & Advocacy Manager, Futerra & Founder of @eco.bitch

WHAT DOES DISCO NAP MEAN TO YOU? "I see Disco Nap as meaning a balance between hustle and fun with rest and relax. Both are essential to happiness and progress. It's like an updated version of "dream big." 

Hannah Phang Futerra 41 Winks 41 Females

10 // PHOEBE @pheebschen237

Founder of Nocori 

WHAT DOES BLOCK OUT THE HATERS MEAN TO YOU? "It means living life as your most authentic self, not caving to the outside noise of external options and judgments." 

Phoebe Chen Nocori 41 Winks 41 Females

11 // CHRISTINA @bo_me_yooo

Manager of @slvyvll and Co-Founder of @napgirls 

WHAT DOES DISCO NAP MEAN TO YOU? "DISCO NAP is a lifestyle and there's no other one I'd rather live. Between working from sun up to sun down, jet-setting every weekend, hitting 2-3 shows a week and picking up new hobbies - a DISCO NAP is all you need to keep up. It keeps you on your toes and I wouldn't want it any other way." 

Christina Boemio 41 Winks 41 FEMALES

12 // SAM @ssampicardal  

Founder & Artist of 21:AM 

WHAT DOES BLOCK OUT THE HATERS MEAN TO YOU? "Block out the haters means staying away from bad energy that keeps you from your path. It means putting the work in WERK and living your life as authentically as possible." 

Sam Picardal 41 Winks 41 Females

13 // JEN ✨ @jen_s_coleman

Digital Producer and Lifestyle Photographer, @tempest_studios

WHAT DOES BLOCK OUT THE HATERS MEAN TO YOU? "I make my own rules... my worth does not lie int he opinions of others... refusing to allow the noise of this world to drown out the truth that I know... beauty has far more than one definition... joy, creativity, love, success and beauty are all here to experience now, not on the other side of weight loss... her success does not mean my failure, her beauty does not diminish my own, her creativity does not hinder my ability to create." 

Jen Coleman 41 Winks Photographer Tempest Studios

14 // AMBER @amberdelarosa

Lead Singer & Songwriter of @flourishtheband and previous Intern DREAM GIRL of @41winks

WHAT DOES BLOCK OUT THE HATERS MEAN TO YOU? "It's expressing myself authentically, and unapologetically. Recognizing that I can be my own worst critic - I give myself the love and support I need to tackle any and every art form." 

41 Females 41 Winks Amber Rae DeLaRosa Singer

15 // ALEKZA @hypelekz

Social Strategist at ACE

WHAT DOES DISCO NAP MEAN TO YOU? "They are KEY to my ability to function. DISCO NAP to me means pausing, holding, resting while still getting ready to groove. It's that little jive you do before hopping into double dutch... KNOWING you're about to go in and kill it but waiting for the right moment to shine."

Alekza Latte Social Strategist ACE 41 Females 41 Winks

16 // ALANNA @alanna_martine

Blogette of Killer Queen and Assistant Beauty Editor for @makeupdotcom / @popsugar 

WHAT DOES BLOCK OUT THE HATERS MEAN TO YOU? "To me, BLOCK OUT THE HATERS means taking every negative force thrown at you and them to fuel your creativity." 

Alanna Martine Popsugar 41 Winks 41 Females

17 // ELYSIA ✨ @elysiamann 

Creator of @dopedisco, Marketing DREAM GIRL at 41 Winks 

WHAT DOES DISCO NAP MEAN TO YOU? "A disco nap has two meanings: first being the glittery, glamorous, dope dreams I have while snoozing; second being the self-awareness of needing a little disco nap-- a break from the energy, some self-care in the midst of a crazy week, or a reset before needing to be at full glam capacity."

Elysia Mann Dope Disco 41 Females 41 Winks

18 // TAYLOR ✨ @taylorsegal

Writer, and in TV Development at Broadway Video

WHAT DOES DISCO NAP MEAN TO YOU? " When you're busy doing all the things, a disco nap is your saving grace. The transition from the work hustle in the day to a night on the town in the eve, can be something only for superheroes. But! The disco nap is that extraordinary 15 min snooze to help you keep the fire burning all the night through." 

Taylor Segal Broadway Video 41 Winks 41 Females

19 // MEREDITH ✨ @plainjane16

Graphic designer at Saucony & previous WINKBASSADOR of 41 Winks

WHAT DOES DISCO NAP MEAN TO YOU? "It's a rally nap for me, it means prepping for the night ahead and catching some zzz's before dancing the night away! This DISCO NAP mask gets me ready for whatever adventure awaits when I wink open my eyes ;)" 

Meredith Kress Graphic Designer Saucony

20 // MORGAN ✨ @mogiie 

Co Collective, Previous DREAM GIRL at 41 Winks as Head of Brand & Biz Development 

WHAT DOES BLOCK OUT THE HATERS MEAN TO YOU? "My stressors attach at night, right before I hit the hay. Am I having a quarter-life crisis? Am I allowed to have two of those? There's a time and a place for everything, and when bedtime comes I do my best to clock out and block out. Letting go of things that don't serve me is a superpower I'm trying to acquire." 

Morgan Hoffman Co Collective

21 // RINAT ✨ @rinatsherzer 

Co-founder @ofcourseglobal 

WHAT DOES BLOCK OUT THE HATERS MEAN TO YOU? "For me blocking out the haters is walking in your path regardless of what people have to say. When things get rough, as they naturally do at times, it's a perfect time to go inwards away from the outside noises, close your eyes and find your center." 

Rinat Sherzer 41 Females 41 Winks Of Course Global

22 // VENTURE @iamventure

Creative genius with a focus on music and creative direction

WHAT DOES BLOCK OUT THE HATERS MEAN TO YOU? "To me this means, forget the noise about what's in or what's not. No matter what you do or create as long as you're doing it for you, then that's all that should matter!" 

I Am Venture 41 Winks 41 Females

23 // MEGAN ✨ @spurrelly 

Community Editor at Conde Nast Traveller & co-founder of @theborderlessproject 

WHAT DOES BLOCK OUT THE HATERS MEAN TO YOU? "It means putting my creative self out there and focusing on those who empower - while brushing off anything that tells me I "can't". It also means using platforms you have to be a voice for all women and block out hate of any kind. Together we are infinite!" 

Megan Spurrell Women Who Travel Conde Nast Traveler

24 // OLIVIA @ohleeeevia 

Own very own CEO & Creative Director of 41 Winks

WHAT DOES BLOCK OUT THE HATERS MEAN TO YOU? "It means hard work. I've always struggled with the phrase "be yourself" because... what does that even mean? I want to be myself, always! But what does being my true self mean to me? It takes (is taking) hard work to figure that out - it takes self-exploration, workshops, nights of dancing, books recommended by friends, lots & lots of music and surrounding myself with supportive people along the way. To me, life is about learning about yourself and being excited for the adventure that comes with that process, paying no mind to ANYONE trying to bring you down as it happens." 

Olivia White 41 Winks CEO 41 Females 

25 // RACHAEL @missgowhitely

Contemporary Art Specialist and Head of Midseason & Online Sales at Christie's - and sister to @ohleeeevia ;) 

WHAT DOES DISCO NAP MEAN TO YOU? "I travel a lot for work and need to be totally alert, effective (and charming) while I'm at it. A disco nap to me is a power nap that fuels me for those client-facing, high-intensity moments - even if I've just stepped off an 8-hour red-eye flight." 

Rachael White Christie's Post-War and Contemporary Art Specialist

26 // KRISTIN ✨ @kristinmcgee 

Author of Chair Yoga & proud Mom, Peloton Yoga & Meditation Instructor

WHAT DOES BLOCK OUT THE HATERS MEAN TO YOU? "Listening to your own voice and not letting negative people get you down. Remember it's better to always have positing things to say about yourself and others." 

Kristin McGee Yoga Instructor Peloton

27 // DAMARIS ✨ @marisdamaris

Co-creator & co-sister with the curly hair vibes of @vavavoomcurls, NYC licensed massage therapist @dameunmasaje

WHAT DOES BLOCK OUT THE HATERS MEAN TO YOU? "No matter what you face on your daily basis you make the decision to what you will believe and listen to. Often times we can get hit from different directions but staying positive and keeping my head up has helped me to believe that nothing is impossible." 

Damaris Guillen 41 Winks 41 Females

28 // KATERINA @kat_papa

Carter's Corporate HQ, previous 41 Winks Intern DREAM GIRL 

WHAT DOES DISCO NAP MEAN TO YOU? "DISCO NAP isn't just a phrase, it's a way of life. It's how we make things happen. When the lights are out, it's me time. It's dream time. Then I wake up and it's go time. Dreams are where I get my inspiration, energy, and beauty rest of course (need it). They take me anywhere, where I can be anyone and do anything. They tell me so much about myself and what I want, teach me to think outside the box, beyond my roots, and reach for the stars." 

Katerina Papadopoulos 41 Winks 41 Females

29 // DETRA @onewomannyc1

A friend, and talented performer on a mission to tell her story

WHAT DOES BLOCK OUT THE HATERS MEAN TO YOU? "It lets me know that while I may encounter much negativity along my journey each day, every night as my body rests and gets rejuvenated, my mind releases the lies that others use to control and weaken my spirit, while fortifying every brain cell with the powerful life that only comes from knowing I was created to impact my world with the power of love and change."

41 Winks 41 Females Detra One Woman Show