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    Get the extra wink of sleep you deserve

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  • the 41 Winks i'm sleeping sleep mask is showcased in a soft scene of flowers and guaranteed to give you a better nights' sleep without messing up your hair
  • Total Blackout

    The ultimate light-blocking sleep mask in our deliciously soft and eco-friendly Noche Black


  • the 41 Winks soft and eco-friendly Shhhhh sleep mask with black plaid lyocell fabric hanging over a mirror with a pink backdrop
  • A dreamy scene of the 41 Winks i'm sleeping sleep mask with lime green embroidery in a soft cotton sateen and ruched light blue cotton velvet strap for extra comfort
  • Absorbs Light

    Filled with plush, high grade polyester, our sleep masks have extra thickness for maximum light absorbency and coziness.

    The Cozy Effect

    Sleep masks for a deep slumber. Why? Each is made with high quality fabrics, from smooth cotton to luxurious velvet and deliciously soft eco-friendly lyocell, plus a ruched head strap to ensure it stays on comfortably all night.

    Thoughtfully Made

    Dreamed up and individually sewn in the USA, our sleep masks are designed with your best sleep in mind.

  • Self-care starts with sleep

    Taking time to recharge isn't trendy, it's necessary. Cheers to getting the extra wink of sleep you deserve, beauty.

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  • A dreamy dark sleep mask with lilac embroidery rests next to a blue sky mirror waiting to pass the time and sleep peacefully