Day to Night Set

Stay safe all day - get the extra wink of sleep all night. 

Don't stress, we've got you covered from AM to PM! The Day To Night Set gives you everything you'll need for 24/7 self-care. Pull on the plush, luxe eye mask as the clock strikes bedtime, then wear your safety-first face mask anytime you hit the streets... or the grocery store. 

We guarantee this sleep mask will block out the light so you can get in a rejuvenating, comfortable and cozy snooze wherever you are in the world/house. 

When the alarm clock calls, enjoy that Vitamin-D rich sunshine while looking fabulous, feeling safe, and being considerate. 

Each Set includes our faves, both in our signature Bailey print:

  • 1 pleated, non-medical fabric face masks with adjustable elastic straps
  • 1 plush eye mask chosen from our best selling Bailey designs

NOTE: Our face masks are not considered PPE and are not FDA approved.

* Due to health reasons, this product is final sale.


reg. $53

Or get 2 and save on FREE SHIPPING!

Reviews + Ratings

…I’m obsessed

"This face mask is so well made and so comfortable. And this sleep mask 😍. I have had it for 36 hours and it has already helped me through a migraine, a couch nap and gave me the best night’s sleep ever."

Courtney, CT

  • Absorbs Light

    Filled with high grade polyester, our eye masks are plush thickness for maximum light absorbency.

    The Cozy Effect

    Eye masks for a deep slumber. Why? Each are made with high quality, breathable cotton, with a comfy headband to ensure it stays on at night.

    Thoughtfully Made

    Dreamed up in Brooklyn and hand sewn in Pennsylvania, our sleep masks are designed by women and made with your sleep in mind.