Fashion Week Bedroom Inspiration

Fashion Week Bedroom Inspiration

Every year when NYC Fashion Week comes around I have a newfound appreciation for the city I already love. The icons and the newbies, the leaders and the followers, the photographers and the editors, and the celebrities and the not yet famous all come together to indulge in this glorious week. While NYC wouldn't dare take a break from fashion, Fashion Week brings new life and inspiration to the 5 boroughs. As you probably already know, we love fashion at 41 Winks. We find inspiration on the runway and translate trends to one of the most important places in the world- your bedroom! With fashion heavily in the air, we're taking some time to get up close and personal with trends that have made it from the catwalk and into your bedroom. There is a beautiful subtlety to floral when it exists on a background of the same shade. Our Black Roses decorative pillow works off that idea, and this beautiful Michael Kors coat plays on the same mentality.

Michael Kors, Captured via Harpers Bazaar

 41 Winks Black Roses Decorative Pillow

Jeremy Scott has been doing some pretty awesome stuff with colors, textiles and patterns. Blues and yellows work well together, especailly when you mix in a print. You can clearly see how this trend translated to our Bond Collection!

 J Mendel captured via Harpers Bazaar


 41 Winks Bond Duvet Cover

Florals don't go out of style. Designers keep pushing the colors and styles in which florals are manipulated and we love this look by Michael Kors. Deep, dark blue mixed into a striking royal blue.

Michael Kors captured via Harpers Bazaar

41 Winks Ink Duvet Cover

The possibilities for fashion on the runway seem endless, but when it comes to fashion on your bed you might feel restricted. This Proenza Schouler look has so much texture, movement and pattern going on and yet just enough at the same time. Pillows are a great way to bring that trifecta to life on your bed. Case and point our Swiss Dot standard sham and our Rajesh Blue pillow that brings a Delpazo look to the bedroom.  

 Proenza Schouler captured via Harpers Bazaar


 41 Winks Swiss Dot Standard Sham

Delpazo captured via Harpers Bazaar

 41 Winks Rajesh Blue Pillow

On any given day of the year I see at least 10 girls in NYC I long to swap outfits. Just imagine the amount of stylish people roaming the streets during NYFW! Our 41 Winks office is located in SoHo, so you know some of the incredible designer stores i'm walking past on my way to work #blessed. I often take the long way to the office and weave in and out of SoHo's quaint streets to stare at window displays, or step inside shops to brush against lush textiles for a quick moment before my morning coffee. At 41 Winks we are constantly excited and inspired by the fashion and culture that we are fortunate enough to commute through everyday. Fashion week is just an extra treat on top of it all ;)

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