BYE MOM. Graduating High School

BYE MOM. Graduating High School
Congrats grad - you did it! You should feel and be proud. Not only proud, but excited. So excited. PUMPED! You're officially going to college. Believe everyone when they say you're about to have some of the best days of your life. It's true. College is the greatest. We love our parents but... no parents! Flee the nest! ;) It's time to explore you, and a whole new world.

Our guess is you're feeling one of two ways about graduation: 1.) High school is the best. I have a close group of friends that I've known since I was five, and I'm sad, scared and nervous to move past that. Or 2.) I literally can't wait to start this next chapter of my life. Peace out high school.

Either way, we feel you. We had a long talk here at the 41 Winks headquarters reminiscing on our senior year emotions (lots of feels) and discovered we were a mix of ready to stay and ready to go. This is an important transition in your life, as it was in ours, and changes are inevitable. But hey, you got this. Change is what you make it. It might be hard to leave home, but guess what - you will still have a home. A new home: your college dorm - where you can have slumber parties every night (EVEN SCHOOL NIGHTS), listen to music whenever you want, do your homework on your own time, the list goes on. See what some of our team members were excited about:

MORGAN No dress code - free the shoulders Choosing classes I was actually interested in Decorating my room No more hall passes Buying Lehigh gear Meeting my best friend <3<3<3

OLIVIA Meeting new people Buying USC gear Decorating my room Not having to ask to use the bathroom "yes, I can go to the bathroom" Moving to ~*CaLiFoRnIa*~ from Texas Slumber parties every night

Making your new space comfortable, unique and inviting will help make that transition into college life a bit more natural and exciting. Your dorm is all yours! Just kidding. Half of your dorm is all yours. So make the most of your wonderful new tiny space. If you're like we were at eighteen, you probably haven't made significant décor changes to your room since middle school. No shame in that. But the time has come - leave those Hawaiian curtains, PINK sweatpants and Bath & Bodyworks perfume at home, but bring the childhood memories attached. Time to reinvent yourself, grow up (only a little bit) and have a blast.

First task: decorate that dorm room. Take a peek at how the 41 Winks team would add the extra wink ;) to making it stylish, functional and THE hang out spot.



1.) Laboratory Lamp // Urban Outfitters
2.) Astral Bent Top Vase // Of a Kind
3.) Ink Euro Shams // 41 Winks
4.) Asst. of 2 Crocodile Trays, White // One King's Lane
5.) Chevron Wool Shag Rug // West Elm

Xxo The ladies of 41 Winks

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